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How to Organize a Citywide Cleanup

Citywide cleanups are a great way to bring your community together for a great cause. Removing all recyclable items on the same day will make a positive economic and environmental impact in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. To ensure that your cleanup day is successful we recommend following our cleanup tips below.

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Foreclosure Cleanout: Don’t Go it Alone!

Although the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area has one of the healthiest real estate markets in the country, there is still an alarming number of foreclosures among homeowners. Banks, real estate agents, and prospective buyers are often responsible for cleaning up the mess that is often left inside a foreclosed house.

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4 Steps to Getting Ready for Your Home Renovation

Renovating your home is an exciting time in your life. You'll finally get a home with all the features you want. Best of all, chances are that you'll be able to recoup at least part of the investment you make into your home which will likely increase its price if you ever want to sell. Before you bring out the hammer and start knocking down walls, Scrapbusters has the following suggestions:

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Dumping Your Junk: Trash Removal Services

The weekly trash you and your family produce is easily disposed of by simply taking it to the curb for regular pickup on garbage day. However, sometimes there's a need for a more proactive form of trash removal. Perhaps you've bought new furniture and need the old hauled off, or have bought a new house which hasn't been cleaned up, or even have a rental investment property in which tenants left roomfuls of junk when they moved out. Alternatively, an old outbuilding or fencing may need to be removed from your lawn for safety reasons. Although it's impossible to always expect what type of junk you may need to be removed, there's always a safe and responsible way to have it disposed of.

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Trash: More than It Appears

Typically, you think of trash as the garbage you accumulate over a week and take out to the curb on the day your neighborhood garbage truck arrives. However, trash removal can be much more complicated than a weekly activity. Whether items have accumulated over years, or an old storage building is about to collapse, or perhaps a simple move may make you realize you want to get of some items you no longer use, it requires a professional to safely remove and dispose of such a large amount of trash.

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Five Tips for Safe Boiler Removal

Boilers are still effective, but they’re being phased out in some areas. Whether you need a maintenance checkup or a complete removal, you should know a few things, first. The maintenance planning stage takes a while, and removal can be dangerous if it isn’t planned out effectively. Today, a majority of boiler maintenance violations happen when boiler controls, piping areas and components aren’t handled correctly. To handle, perform maintenance on or remove your boiler, take care of the following factors.

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Big Scrap Items You Need Help With

Whether you’re dealing with a commercial, industrial or residential location, it pays off to know which items to scrap. Sometimes, you’ll need help. Every scrap item is different, and most are unwieldy. While you can handle small-size items yourself, the bigger fish need to be handed off via professional care. We’re covering these items below.

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3 Smart Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Every April 22, the world comes together to celebrate that planet that everyone shares: earth. While it's best to practice eco-friendly habits all through the year, every Earth Day provides people with the ability to recommit themselves to doing earth friendly things as well as increasing awareness of the earth and the effects that people have on it. The following are just a few smart ways to do so:

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How Dumpster Rentals Make Your Cleanup Easier

When you are overseeing a renovation or demolition, time is of the essence. Any hiccup that delays your project costs you time and money, especially when it comes to hauling of waste. In situations such as these, renting a dumpster can be a lifesaver for your company.

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How to Streamline Your Commercial Renovation

When it comes to renovating your commercial property, things can get chaotic. Once disorganization and chaos undermine your construction site, then the cost of your renovation increases exponentially. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can organize your site, ensure everyone’s safety, and reduce the cost of your project.

Keep reading to learn how our team at Scrapbusters can help you streamline your commercial renovation

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