If you’re a property manager, realtor, or city inspector, you’ve certainly come across some homes that could use some TLC. When you’re dealing with foreclosures, there is an additional need to clean the residence out. Oftentimes the previous occupants leave all kinds of debris behind. We’d be you’ve come across more than your fair share of broken appliances, rooms full of old clothes, packed basements, and garages crammed to the gills with abandoned junk. You can’t show the property until all of the debris is gone. But where do you begin?

By calling Scrapbusters. Our technicians are trained in debris removal and disposal. This means that regardless of how daunting an abandoned hoarder house might seem, we have the muscle to move it all away, the equipment to clean up the entire home and yard, and the knowhow to dispose of everything in accord with local, state, and federal laws. Because we have our own transfer station, you can be assured that all of the trash and debris that we remove will be sorted and sent to the proper facilities.

The next time you come across a dirty dwelling, don’t sweat it. In fact, don’t eve break a sweat: we’ll do it for you. Is there some stinky old garbage in there? Doesn’t bother us. Mounds of old tires out back? We love it! Junked cars and rusty cans? Beautiful. We love transforming properties into clean, safe versions of themselves so that you can put them up for sale or rent, thus breathing new life into old buildings.

Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you with foreclosure cleanouts in the Twin Cities area.