So you're gearing up for a long awaited remodeling project for your home. You have a solid vision of how the end result will look and a plan of how to reach that goal. Even more exciting is going to be watching the project come together over the following weeks or months.

A Forgotten Element of Remodeling

In all the excitement of remodeling, it's easy to forget about the seemingly small things that often turn out to be quite large. Take the disposal of waste material, for example. This is something that many people simply don't consider when they are planning a remodeling project. Whether you plan to complete most -- if not all -- of the work yourself or you are contracting with a remodeling company, there are numerous reasons why it is a good idea to rent a dumpster when you do so.

1. Remodeling trash can be huge

Even a simple remodeling project like replacing a toilet or laying tile on a floor can generate a great deal of material that has to be discarded. When you consider how much trash remodeling an entire kitchen or knocking out walls to make a room bigger, it's easy to understand why this waste material won't fit in your regular household trash container.

2. Mixing household trash and remodeling waste material could be illegal

At most municipal dumps, different types of trash are treated in different ways. Household trash -- of which a portion typically contains at least some biodegradable material -- is kept separate from construction waste. In some localities, mixing the two types of waste is illegal and could be grounds for disciplinary action. Having a designated dumpster only for your remodeling material prevents the mixing of the two types of waste.

3. You don't have to haul it away

Take a look at your household trash container. How long do you think it would take to fill it up during your remodeling project? Now tack on a bit more time because there is often more waste than anticipated or the waste takes up more room than you thought it would. When you add in the delays caused by having to wait for your household trash container to be hauled away, you could see the timeline of your remodeling project extend much further into the future than you anticipated.

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