Every April 22, the world comes together to celebrate that planet that everyone shares: earth. While it's best to practice eco-friendly habits all through the year, every Earth Day provides people with the ability to recommit themselves to doing earth friendly things as well as increasing awareness of the earth and the effects that people have on it. The following are just a few smart ways to do so:

1. Recycle what you can

Recycling is probably not a new concept for you but it's important to reassess how you are doing so. Hopefully, your community provides a recycling program that allows you to divert some of your household trash to be recycled instead. 

2. Recycle electronics effectively

With the reliance that people have on the electronics in this day and age, as well as the speed at which these can become obsolete, it's no wonder that people are not sure how to effectively recycle them. In some cases, nonprofit organizations will take obsolete or nonworking electronics. In other cases, it pays to look for places that are specifically able to recycle them in a safe manner. Otherwise, if you throw them away in your household trash, the heavy metals and other toxic components that make up these electronics can then leach into the soil, affecting everyone. 

3. Reduce your reliance on your car

Cars are synonymous with America. They are something that people feel very strongly about as they offer an avenue of independence that is not able to be found in too many other places. Unfortunately, this reliance on vehicles has increased the emissions in the environment and made the earth a more contaminated and toxic place to live. Vow to take public transportation more often during 2017. Better yet, put your bike to good use and consider biking to work or to school at least a few times a week. Your body and the earth will thank you. 


Share your own ideas for others to learn from in the comments below. 

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