Whether you’re dealing with a commercial, industrial or residential location, it pays off to know which items to scrap. Sometimes, you’ll need help. Every scrap item is different, and most are unwieldy. While you can handle small-size items yourself, the bigger fish need to be handed off via professional care. We’re covering these items below.


Item One: An Old Car

Understandably, a car is unwieldy. That said, you shouldn’t hire a towing service. Contact a scrap provider, and see if you can make an extra buck from the lift. Old cars contain valuable metals. They can also be recycled—if you want to raise community funds.


Item Two: A Metal Door

They’re surprisingly difficult to handle. Moreover, they’re dangerous to handle. While you can scrap small appliances, larger items are best left to the professionals. Removing a door, alone, requires a professional touch. Even if you have the tools, you’ll need a keen eye and strong hands to maneuver the beast.


Item Three: Exercise Equipment

Even if you can take your equipment apart, handling weights can get dicey. Exercise machines, including weight benches and treadmills, should be handled with care—professional care, that is. Don’t take control yourself. You’ve already gotten a workout from them.


Item Four: A Lawnmower

Lawnmowers need to be prepared for pickup, as they contain oil fluids and fuel. You’ll need to remove any batteries, too. Interestingly, a lawnmower is hard to scrap alone. They’re durable, and they’re put together with great care. Don’t mess with one, as its sharp blade can be a hazard. Let a professional handle it.


Item Five: A Metal Shed

Commercial and residential sheds should be handled by professionals. Even if you can deconstruct an entire shed, you shouldn’t. Sheds can fall apart while being deconstructed, leading to the worker’s harm. Fortunately, professional providers are well-trained in metal-on-metal deconstruction—even when it’s a structure.


Always check the quality of your scrap metal. Every year, hundreds of homeowners and business owners toss valuable metals. You can make good money off of roofing copper, copper tubing, and insulated wire. That said, a professional provider can inform you of any profit possibilities. It can’t be overstated: Scraping can be dangerous. While you might have powerful tools at your disposal, sharp metal shouldn’t be handled lightly.


Scrapbusters is here to help, and we’ve served the industry for years. Contact us if you have any questions, and make sure you’re safe while ditching old equipment—metal, or not.