We’ve all been there: you open the garage door, and instead of finding a neat spot to park you car, there is a pile of stuff. Over here is a broken lawn chair, boxes of moldy books, old tires. There is a pile of mismatched tires to cars you’ll never own again. Maybe an old dresser. Massive computer monitors. Worn out snow boots. Tangles of wires, greasy car parts, cracked mirrors.

At Scrapbusters, we have a word for all this stuff: junk.

Don’t worry if your home is afflicted by junk. We help people get rid of all kinds of stuff they no longer need. If you want to get a head start on spring cleaning, clear out your garage, unclutter your basement, you’re in the right spot. Scrapbusters can help. With big trucks and strong backs, we can help you with your household cleanup efforts. And because we have our own licensed transfer station, decluttering your home, shed, or building has never been easier - or more affordable. And you can rest assured that everything will be disposed of responsibly.

Of course, we don’t just work with homeowners. We have ample experience working with landlords, building managers, cities, and large companies to help them clear out the space they need. We can work on a single unit, or an entire building. We can even coordinate city-wide cleanups.

So don’t worry if your junk pile has grown to epic proportions. Just call us and we’ll take care of it. The only finger you’ll have to lift is to make the call!