Typically, you think of trash as the garbage you accumulate over a week and take out to the curb on the day your neighborhood garbage truck arrives. However, trash removal can be much more complicated than a weekly activity. Whether items have accumulated over years, or an old storage building is about to collapse, or perhaps a simple move may make you realize you want to get of some items you no longer use, it requires a professional to safely remove and dispose of such a large amount of trash.

Demolition and Destruction

Whether a dangerous old building happens to be on a residential lawn or a commercial building needs to be removed to make space for a new structure, there are safe and responsible ways to conduct the removal. A building should never be simply pushed over but needs to be disassembled into parts small enough to load onto a truck for proper removal and disposal.

Responsible Removal

In addition to the building itself are the contents it holds. Certain machinery may have to also be disassembled and properly secured for transport to a landfill or their new home. Old papers and office supplies, clothing, or anything else found in an old building has to be responsibly disposed of according to local laws and environmental responsibilities. Items that can be reused can often find a place to go other than the landfill, but if nobody wants them based on local advertising they have to either be recycled or taken to the dump.

Recyclable Materials

Reuse is always a better option than recycling or throwing an item away, and old tools can often be sold or donated as antiques or clothing might be able to be donated to a thrift store. Metal and plastic items can typically be recycled. Recycling is an eco-friendly practice which makes sense to the layman by not costing landfill fees to dump. In some cases, it may not be an option to recycle certain items but what is important is to consider whether or not it is more appropriate to take it to the landfill or recycling center.

There is more to trash and junk than most people realize, most importantly, proper and responsible disposal is necessary. For responsible trash removal no matter what size of project you have, contact the Scrapbusters Demolition and Junk Removal Experts to handle your job so you can remain focused on more important things you need to do.