The weekly trash you and your family produce is easily disposed of by simply taking it to the curb for regular pickup on garbage day. However, sometimes there's a need for a more proactive form of trash removal. Perhaps you've bought new furniture and need the old hauled off, or have bought a new house which hasn't been cleaned up, or even have a rental investment property in which tenants left roomfuls of junk when they moved out. Alternatively, an old outbuilding or fencing may need to be removed from your lawn for safety reasons. Although it's impossible to always expect what type of junk you may need to be removed, there's always a safe and responsible way to have it disposed of.


Residential Cleanup


Trash at your home may be an accumulation of items you've collected over the years and realize you no longer want. Perhaps you've stored broken items and realize you're not going to have them fixed, or your adult children don't want the toys you've been saving for their memories, or you're moving to a smaller house without room for everything you own. Whatever the reason, it can easily turn out to be an overwhelming job which requires a professional with proper sized trucks and knowledge of what can be donated to charity, what is recyclable, and what has to go to the landfill. Old paints, oils, or chemicals need to be properly disposed of as well and the lack of how to do so is often why they were stored in the first place.


When Trash Is Left in Foreclosure Houses or Rental Homes


Most landlords and property managers are aware of the trash foreclosed houses tend to have or some tenants can leave behind, and understand it's a nightmare to clean up. Hopefully, you never have had to, nor will have to, deal with the situation of piles of dirty clothes, weeks of empty food containers, and much worse which a family can leave behind upon eviction. Allow a professional who knows how to handle the situation take care of it for you rather than risking exposure to disease.


Demolition and Heavy Item Removal


Old structures eventually rot and need to be removed for safety and possibly because of city ordinance. Again, let the professionals at Scrapbusters Minnesota handle the job for you. We know how to conduct the job safely and efficiently. You'll find our crew and representatives courteous and professional, and we can have your junk cleared quickly, so you don't have to worry about it.