Renovating your home is an exciting time in your life. You'll finally get a home with all the features you want. Best of all, chances are that you'll be able to recoup at least part of the investment you make into your home which will likely increase its price if you ever want to sell. Before you bring out the hammer and start knocking down walls, Scrapbusters has the following suggestions:


1.      Draw Up a List
Make two columns on your list. In one column, add those items that are necessary for the smooth running of your home, including those that increase your enjoyment of it and add to its value. Put your wants under the second column. For example, a second bathroom might go in the first column while Italian granite flooring probably belongs in the second.

2.      Make a Budget
Before you put in a call to a contractor or begin pricing materials, you need to hammer out a budget. Start with a ballpark estimate of the entire project then add in a bit of monetary padding to accommodate anything unexpected that might crop up. For even more precision, Scrapbusters notes that you can break your budget down further into particular areas of the house. You might allocate 25% of the budget to adding a new second-floor bathroom while 50% of it goes to renovating the kitchen.

3.      Coordinate Your Calendar
Map out a time frame for getting the renovations completed. For example, if you want to be able to host a graduation party in your newly renovated home next year, you'll want to start solidifying plans for it now. In Scrapbusters' experience, scheduling a demolition just prior to the holidays could increase your stress.

4.      Plan for the Necessities
Sometimes those necessities that might not seem obvious get overlooked such as disposing of the trash and debris that comes from a renovation. Scrapbusters offers several solutions that make getting rid of your demolition or renovation debris easy. We also offer junk removal for those items that are too big or unwieldy for you to get out safely and quickly. We accept a multitude of items such as furniture, exercise equipment, appliances and more.


Scrapbusters offers a range of services that are designed to make your life easier including dumpster rental, debris removal and more. Wherever you are in the Minneapolis area, contact Scrapbusters for a free quote at 952-461-2800 before you get started on your next renovation project.