Although the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area has one of the healthiest real estate markets in the country, there is still an alarming number of foreclosures among homeowners. Banks, real estate agents, and prospective buyers are often responsible for cleaning up the mess that is often left inside a foreclosed house.


Consequently, the need for a professional foreclosure cleanout company is greater than ever. This is where we come in. Scrapbusters provides complete and professional foreclosure cleanout service for any individual or entity looking to clear out a repossessed home.


Here’s What Our Cleanout Service Can Do for You?

Many of the clients we work with are banks and real estate agents who have neither the time nor the desire to clean out these homes. Individuals who have just purchased a repossessed home often find that the task is too great and is above their abilities.


Our licensed contractors can save you the time and headache of unloading an entire house by doing it for you. Partnering with us to clean out a house is beneficial for you in several ways:


●        We provide free, on-site, bottom-line estimates on the entire project. We only give estimates after inspecting the site.

●        We offer both one-time and recurring cleanouts for single or multiple properties.

●        We are available and have the manpower and equipment to complete jobs in an efficiently.

●        We offer recycling and item donation in addition to standard waste disposal.

●        We guarantee that all waste items inside the house will be properly disposed of according to Minneapolis city and Minnesota state regulations.


Professional Cleanout is a Safety Issue

You never know what has been left inside of a foreclosed house. Previous owners under time constraints will often abandon a house and leave everything behind. This includes dirty laundry, a filled refrigerator with spoiled food, dirty bathrooms, and other items that could be considered hazardous. For this reason, you should leave cleanouts to trained professionals who have the knowledge, training, and skill to clean out a house safely and securely.


Don’t take chances with your health or safety. Your best bet is to contact Scrapbusters and let us do the work for you. Call us today at 952-461-2800 for a free on-site estimate. We offer comprehensive cleanout services for homeowners in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area. We take donations as well as remove all debris from your home.