Citywide cleanups are a great way to bring your community together for a great cause. Removing all recyclable items on the same day will make a positive economic and environmental impact in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. To ensure that your cleanup day is successful we recommend following our cleanup tips below.


Choose a Date a Stick With It

To stick with the date you’ve chosen, you’ll want to check all city and community calendars. You do not want to conflict with another city-wide event on that day. We recommend that you set the date at least six months in advance. We can tell you what our calendar looks like and give you some dates to choose from.


Build a Team to Help Your Organize and Communicate

Scrapbusters will be the first members of your team to sign up. We can help you organize your cleanup day. We can also contact agencies in the community to build interest. Beyond that, recruit as many people as you can to get on board with your project. Find event planners and community organizations to assist. You may want to ask for volunteers from your neighborhood or local church. They can help you secure supplies and equipment for that day.


Spread the Word

To get the most involvement possible, you’ll need to create the most extensive promotion campaign possible. You can advertise in the newspaper and other local publications, ask radio and TV stations to feature the event, and launch an ongoing social media campaign. Your team can help you through word of mouth. Scrapbusters can also help you by spreading the word to our customers and business partners.


Find Information on Previous Cleanups

We regularly provide cities with detailed reports of items that we have recycled over the years. The reports are a great tool for stimulating community involvement because they demonstrate the environmental and economic benefits of citywide cleanups. You can use the previous information as a part of your promotion campaign. We are happy to provide you with information about our previous cleanup efforts.


Email Contact

Stay in contact with everyone in the community on a regular basis. In addition to the advertising campaigns we mentioned earlier, you should also post flyers and posters everywhere you can get around town. Start an email blast and keep it flowing with information on a weekly basis. Make sure that all your organizers and volunteers have up-to-date information so that there is no confusion. You may want to assign this task to someone on your team if you are too busy.


Stay Organized

An event as significant as a citywide cleanup will require detailed organization on every level. Therefore, appoint leaders on your team that can help you stay organized. Make a list of everything that has to be done and find the right person to do it. Remember, unless you have 24 hours a day to devote to this project, you’ll miss crucial items along the way. If you need suggestion or guidance to help you, then call us. We have the experience necessary to help you with your cleanup.


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