With warmer weather on the way, you may already be thinking about spring cleaning. This spring, make recycling a part of your junk removal. Recycling is good for the environment and the local Shakopee economy. If you don’t know what to do with all of your old items, then call Scrapbusters. We specialize in recycling services for homes and businesses across the Twin Cities area. We can arrive on site and remove all your items for you. Our service is quick and easy!


We Have Our Own Recycling Transfer Station

We have our licensed transfer facility where we sort and recycle all kinds of materials. A transfer station differs from a  landfill, in that it’s a formal facility where we temporarily house waste. We can handle most items that you consider junk, garbage, and recyclable materials. From the transfer station, we coordinate with other companies to transport the sorted materials where they need to go.


What Do We Recycle?

We pick-up items from residential and commercial properties. From there we process the waste at our licensed transfer facility. If you prefer to bring your junk to us, you can arrive at our facility, and we’ll help you unload it. What do we accept? Check out the list below:


●        Stoves, ovens & microwaves

●        Exercise equipment, bicycles & treadmills

●        Appliances such as refrigerators washers, and dryers

●        Patio furniture

●        Workbench

●        Lawn equipment such as lawn mowers, garden tillers, and tractors

●        Old fencing and farm equipment

●        Air conditioners, furnaces, and boilers

●        Furniture such as desks, sofas, mattresses, etc.

●        Old lumber


We Make it Easier for Recycling Stations

You may be asking why you should bring your items to a transfer station instead of a recycling center. The answer is simple. We do the sorting and filtering for both you and the recycling stations. A transfer station can simplify the process and ensure that recycling centers are receiving only approved items. Since we offer pickup, you no longer have to pack everything and ship it to the recycling center. We do it all for you at a reasonable rate.


Scrapbusters Makes Recycling Easy

Cleaning out and recycling all of your old stuff can be a time consuming and even hazardous undertaking. Scrapbusters takes the hassle out of recycling by offering full pickup and delivery services. Whether you own a home or business in the Twin Cities area, we can handle all jobs large and small. We are your one-stop recycling service. To schedule a pickup, call us today at 952-461-2800, or you can message us at info@scrapbustersminnesota.com.