When your community is organizing a city-wide cleanup, call Scrapbusters in Shakopee, Minnesota. We have decades of experience in residential and commercial junk removal and recycling. We will strategically place roll-off containers and dumpsters throughout the city making it easier for residents to easily clean out their clutter. With detailed recycling reports, the municipality can generate buzz in the community. Data on recycling contained in the reports will also encourage more participants in future cleanup efforts as well as encouraging more people to recycle.


Planning Your City Cleanup

To ensure a successful cleanup campaign, you will need to create a detailed plan. Choose someone to be the project coordinator. This person should be willing and able for the undertaking and have a full grasp on the even plans. Your project coordinator should also be responsible and able to communicate effectively to others. Before the big day, there are several things to do in order to ensure the event runs smoothly:


●        Appoint a media representative to be a spokesperson

●        Create a workday strategy

●        Print a schedule of the day’s activities with times

●        Contact all volunteers to make sure they know where to be and when

●        Distribute supplies

●        Have a meetup with all volunteers to provide a forum for questions and answers


Ways to Promote the Event

Create an event on social media and community forums to generate interest and reach as many people as possible. Pass out flyers to residents in mailboxes, or leave them in local businesses. Call your local newspaper, radio, and television outlets and get coverage before, during, and after the cleanup. Advertising is not necessary, because a community cleanup event is already a local news story. The media will already want to report on the event as part of their programming.


Celebrate a Successful Junk Removal Event

After the neighborhood cleanup, it’s time to reward a hard days work. Celebrate by providing food and beverages to all your volunteers. A post-event party is a perfect way to bring the community together to relax and appreciate the accomplishment. Make sure the organizers thank all volunteers and participants. The after-party will create a fun atmosphere for the residents to connect and encourage future events.


Ready For Junk Removal Services in the Twin Cities?

Call Scrapbusters for your community cleanup event. Your junk is our passion. We have over 25 years experience in residential, commercial, and industrial services. We provide junk removal, recycling, and demolition services to the Twin Cities Metro area of Minnesota. Get a free quote today and call us at 952-461-2800, or you can message us at info@scrapbustersminnesota.com.