Whether residential or commercial, renovating or updating an old home or building can be an exciting challenge. But these remodeling projects can also mean tangling with old equipment like antiquated air ducts and boilers. Old boilers can be very large, taking up much-needed space in a basement or apartment building. However, removing an old boiler is not a do-it-yourself project that should be taken on by the layman. The junk removal experts at Scrapbusters can be a critical part of your home renovation team, giving you the information you need to prepare for old boiler removal.


Reasons for Boiler Removal

There are many good reasons to replace an old boiler:


●        Reclaiming valuable basement space

●        Lower heating costs

●        Lower maintenance costs

●        Increased safety

●        Increased reliability


Junk Removal Experts Can Remove Boilers Safely

Some residential and commercial boilers can weigh thousands of pounds and are so bulky they had to be assembled in the basement or building. Additionally, some boilers consist of more than one piece. Frequently, large boilers must be disassembled before removal. These virtually indestructible models can require special equipment to remove. The experts at Scrapbusters are experienced in residential and commercial junk removal and can safely take apart these old pieces of equipment and transport them to appropriate recycling services, disposing of the rest in accordance with state and local legislation.


Taking a Boiler Offline

If your old boiler is still in service, you will need to follow a few steps to shut it down and prepare it for removal.


1.      Shut down the boiler.  You may need to have this done by a professional, an individual who is licensed to safely turn off the boiler.


2.      Allow the boiler to cool. Boilers in use can become extremely hot. They will need to completely cool before they are removed.


3.      Clean up any leaks. While you wait for the boiler to cool, you will want to clean up any water leaks or fuel leaks.


Junk Removal Professionals Offer Safe Solutions

Outdated boilers can be filled with unseen risks and dangers that make removing them a dangerous task for those who lack professional experience. Old boilers can contain asbestos, which can cause serious cardiopulmonary problems and cancer. Many boilers installed before 1970 were lined with this fire-resistant substance. Disposing of these boilers requires special equipment. Taking an old boiler apart can also produce metal fragments and dust. We can also safely remove a boiler from your home while ensuring that nothing in your home is damaged.


Safe and Easy Boiler Removal from Scrapbusters

Having an old boiler removed doesn’t have to be a difficult task. The experts at Scrapbusters are experienced in safely removing all kinds of equipment whether for home remodeling, foreclosure cleanout, commercial junk removal, or demolition and site preparation. We can safely remove boilers of any size and get you started on the path to modernization and renovation. For more information, call us at 952-461-2800, or you can message us at info@scrapbustersminnesota.com.