So you want to renovate a building. But where do you start? Before you start painting or finding an interior decorator, you need to start by cleaning out the building. Old buildings often have trash, old supplies, and debris lying around. You will have a more successful renovation if you follow the proper steps. Whether it’s a foreclosure cleanout or junk removal, cleaning out the building is the first step.


Step One: Clean It Out

If you’re doing a large scale renovation involving demolition and removing old fixtures, you will definitely need to clean out the building before beginning. Even smaller scale renovations require a clear space to work. Without the space-wasting junk, you will have more room to work, not to mention a safer environment for the renovation activities. There are many things you might not think about removing, such as:

●        Air Conditioner

●        Furnace or Boiler

●        Old fencing and old lumber

●        Appliances such as a stove, refrigerator, or a washer and dryer

●        Benches and patio furniture


Once you have taken stock of the items included in your junk removal, you can begin clearing out the building. Some people choose to rent a dumpster and enlist the help of friends or volunteers, but it is better to leave the commercial junk removal to the experts at Scrapbusters. Junk removal, especially in large spaces, can be a dangerous responsibility, and Scrapbusters is here to take the weight off your shoulders.


Safety in Junk Removal

Beginning your renovation should always start with junk removal. Whether you are renovating a commercial or residential space, there are safety concerns around failing to properly prepare the space. Built up piles of junk can lead to a fire hazard or possible mistakes made during renovations. Old, large appliances should be removed to avoid wiring issues or further damage to the appliance.


Residential and Commercial Junk Removal

Junk removal is required at both residential and commercial renovation sites. Whether your junk is bikes and old gardening equipment in a worn out shed in the yard or old desks and break room equipment on multiple floors of your office building, the junk needs to go before the renovations begin. A clean surface is much easier to renovate than an area piled with junk.  Scrapbusters can (and will) handle your residential or commercial junk removal.


Easy Junk Removal with Scrapbusters

Scrapbusters are your local pros in the junk removal industry. We’ve seen it all, and we’ve cleared it all. Don’t risk doing it yourself; trust Scrapbusters with all your junk removal needs. Remember--clearing out your building is only the first step! For more information, call us at 952-461-2800, or you can message us at