Summer is the perfect season to organize a city cleanup. It’s a great way to recycle your old stuff and clean up the area. Scrapbusters can help you plan the event down to the smallest details. We provide cleanup services for homes and businesses.


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Schedule a Date in Advance

Before you schedule a date, check city calendars and local community events. Make sure that the date you schedule doesn’t conflict with any other happenings.


This will free others up to clear their schedules and commit. Once you establish a date, set in stone. Also, don’t forget to contact Scrapbusters and confirm the date. We’ll put it on our calendar.

Enlist Help From Neighbors and Friends

Now that you have a date, it’s time to assemble a team. Try to enlist the help of community leaders and event planners. Try to recruit people are charismatic and will buy into your event 100 percent.


Last, partner with people who are naturally aligned with your vision. This will reduce any conflict and minimize competing voices.

Advertise and Promote the City Cleanup

The more you advertise and promote the cleanup, the more successful it will be. You will have plenty of tools at your disposal. You can start by creating dedicated pages on social media. From there you can print flyers and mail-outs.


You may also want to check with your local newspaper, radio stations, and TV stations to see if you can get some free airtime. We will advertise and promote the event on our end using what resources are available to us.

Research Past Cleanups to Gain Insight

Scrapbusters has been involved in helping to organize and plan several city cleanups in the area. We can sit down with you to discuss what works and what doesn’t. We can help you avoid potential issues that might arise.


We can also advise you on the best course of action. In the meantime, you may want to do some research online. Start by typing looking for past cleanups on Google. You’ll learn a lot from others who have already participated or organized similar events.

Stay Organized

Meet with your team regularly. Delegate different duties. Follow-up and stay up-to-date on all information. If you need to make any changes in plans, do so immediately and inform everyone. The more organized you remain, the smoothly the event will be once the date arrives.

Scrapbusters Offers City Wide Junk Removal

If you need a company that can professionally remove the junk from your residential or commercial property, contact Scrapbusters.


We provide a wide array of removal services including boiler removal, junk removal, demolition, foreclosure cleanouts, and heavy equipment removals. We offer fast service, affordable rates, and dependable work.


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