While it’s possible for the employees in your company to remove your property’s mechanical systems, it’s not advisable. While your employees are skilled at what they do, there are several variables to moving mechanical systems in your building that make it both dangerous and complex.


Scrapbusters can professionally remove all mechanical systems on and in your property. Our commercial junk removal experts are trained to handle removal projects of this magnitude.


To schedule a consultation and removal services, contact us today. We can remove all systems safely and efficiently.

The Electrical System

Once the old wiring and other electrical components are disconnected from the main power source (i.e., no risk of electrocution). Our team will pull out the wiring, panels, outlets, and other electrical components until everything is completely removed. We can inspect your entire building and identify every part we need to dispose of.

The Plumbing System

If you are replacing the plumbing in your building, you will need a team to come in and remove the old one. Our experienced team can assess your current system and begin the removal process. Regardless of where the plumbing system is located, we can route it through the building and remove it piece by piece. When we are finished, all pipes and other plumbing parts will be removed from the premises.

HVAC System

Whether you have a furnace, AC, or boiler, you’ll need help removing it. Rather than wasting your time and resources doing it yourself, Scrapbusters can arrive on site and remove the entire system for you. This includes the main unit, ductwork, wiring, thermostats, and all other components. Your building will be ready for the new system installation.

Structural Components

Are you getting ready to undertake a remodeling project? If so, you’ll need a cleanup crew. Scrapbusters can remove all the old building materials including roofing, walls, flooring, ceiling, framework, and drywall. We can set up a trash bin for you to throw your items, or we can pull them straight from the grounds. No matter what you need to be removed, we can handle all jobs large and small.


If you’re making some major upgrades to your technology, you’ll need to throw the old machines and appliances away. Scrapbusters can provide the crew and equipment necessary to remove all your old printers, computers, appliances, cabling, and network components. We can arrive with everything we need to take everything away so that you don’t have to do it yourself.

Heavy Equipment Removal

No matter how heavy or large the equipment is, our professionals have the equipment and skill necessary to remove it from your property. We take construction and general debris, office equipment, heavy materials and much more. From hot tubs to fencing to concrete and junk cars, we can handle it. We'll do all the heavy lifting, loading, and hauling. We evaluate the condition of your junk and determine if it can be recycled or should be disposed of. If it can be donated, we'll take care of that too.

Professional Junk Removal Service for Your Business

With more than 20 years experience in commercial & warehouse demolition and clean-outs, we can complete your demolition project and remove all junk as often as you need. Let us haul any item for you at the most affordable rates around the Twin Cities Metro Area to our Transfer Station located in Shakopee, Minn. We can drop a roll-off box at your site for you to load, or we can load it for you.


To schedule service, call us at 952-461-2800, or you can message us at info@scrapbustersminnesota.com.