Foreclosures affect both homeowners and lending institutions. In many cases, homeowners either feel overwhelmed by moving out, or the homeowner abandons all possessions and leaves it up to the lender or an investor to clean out the house.


In either case, Scrapbusters is here to help you clean out the home. We provide dependable, thorough cleanout services for both residential and commercial properties in Minneapolis, Minnesota. No matter how big or nasty the mess is, our crew can help make the transition from cluttered house to cleared area as smooth as possible.


To find out more about our services, feel free to contact us at 952-461-2800.

The Benefits of Hiring a Pro Cleanout Company

Many of the clients we work with are banks and real estate agents who have neither the time nor the desire to clean out these homes. Individuals who have just purchased a repossessed home often find that the task is too great and is above their abilities.


Our licensed contractors can save you the time and headache of unloading an entire house by doing it for you. Partnering with us to clean out a house is beneficial for you in several ways:


●        We provide free, on-site, bottom-line estimates on the entire project. We only give estimates after inspecting the site.

●        We offer both one-time and recurring cleanouts for single or multiple properties.

●        We are available and have the workforce and equipment to complete jobs in an efficiently.

●        We offer recycling and item donation in addition to standard waste disposal.

●        We guarantee that all waste items inside the house will be properly disposed of according to Minneapolis city and Minnesota state regulations.

Don’t Take Chances With a Foreclosed Home

Many of the homes we cleanout are unsanitary and contain a large amount of waste. Therefore, they are unsafe to work in. Our professionals have the skill, equipment, and experience necessary to clean out any home safely and efficiently.


We can do the work that you don’t want to do in half the time that it would take an amateur. And you never have to worry about someone getting hurt.

Clients That We Work With

We work with a range of clients over various industries around Minneapolis. Our main clients include:


●        Homeowners

●        Asset managers

●        Lenders

●        Banks

●        Insurance companies

●        Realtors

●        Anyone who needs cleanup services

Comprehensive Cleanout Services in Minneapolis

If a foreclosed home takes too much effort for you to clean out, then contact Scrapbusters today. We offer cleanouts for both residential and commercial properties in the surrounding Minneapolis, Minnesota, area.


To find out more about the cleanout services we offer or to schedule a cleanup, call us at 952-461-2800. You can also message us at