If you look into the mechanical room and see a massive, old, poorly or non-functioning boiler, you might think, “How the heck can I ever get this old thing out of here?” You might be able to do it yourself, if you have a lot of time, a tremendous amount of muscle, mechanical expertise, and some heavy-duty tools. Be forewarned, however: this is a difficult, heavy, dirty job.

Most people do not wish to undertake such a labor-intensive job on their own. Not only is boiler removal backbreaking work, but it can be complicated, too - especially if you don’t have much plumbing knowledge. And if you have a boiler, you likely have an old home or building with narrow steps. Perhaps the configuration of the basement has changed since the boiler was originally installed. Your boiler could have a large fuel oil tank, too. All of these things complicate boiler removal.

That’s why we at Scrapbusters recommend leaving boiler removal, and any heavy equipment removal. Our expert technicians will deal with the massive tangle of iron and ductwork that is your boiler. With our services, you won’t have to worry about hurting your back, buying specialized tools, or finding the time to tackle such a big job. We’ll even clean up! You’ll have no mess, no mistakes, and no stress when Scrapbusters removes your boiler. You can even rest easier knowing that we will recycle every component possible.

If you have large mechanical items that you need removed from your home or business, give us a call today. Our staff are ready and waiting to help you with your boiler, old industrial equipment, heavy equipment, and more. Leave the dirty work to us. Give us a call today and get a head start on your spring cleaning!