Do you have a structure on a property of yours that has simply outlived its usefulness? If you’re a homeowner, you might have an old shed, garage, or other small structure on your property. Larger plots of land might have barns, workshops, and other outbuildings. Over time, these structures can begin to sag, lean, and eventually become storage rooms for more junk instead of a useful building. That’s why our residential demolition services are great for folks in and around the Twin Cities.

But we don’t stop at individual homes; we also offer commercial demolition services. Larger structures like multi-unit buildings, apartments, old warehouses and factories, or just about anything else is right in our wheelhouse! Not only do we do the demo work for you, but because we own and operate our own transfer station, we can responsibly dispose of all the debris without having to subcontract. That equals saving that we pass on to you.  

Demolition and Site Preparation

We don’t stop there. Once the structure is down and the debris removed, you don’t want a gaping hole in the landscape! We will work with you to prepare the site in the fashion you wish. Whether you’re looking to rebuild on the same site, redevelop the property, or turn the space into a garden, we’ll come up with a plan to leave the ground under your feet in great shape for whatever your next project might be.

Give Scrapbusters a call today and get started on transforming your properties!